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Western Limb are asking and answering the question: what will the Western Limb look like in 20 to 30 years time when the platinum group metals have been mined out and the mines have been closed?

One of the key areas we are focussing on is performances and interviews.  (The other areas are community development and academic research).

Why performances and interviews matter?

Western Limb wants to bring the policy debate to the communities and the communities to the policy debate.  We also want to bring the world to Rustenburg, and Rustenburg to the world.

The creative spirit and energy of the the people of this region is one of the keys to creating a bright future for the Rustenburg region after mining.

The fantastic Oppikoppi Festival is a brilliant example of this.  The festival has grown from being a small dusty rock festival in 1995, to become South Africa’s biggest, most diverse, and most professionally run music festival (its still pretty dusty though!)

Oppikoppi 2012 – The Sweetest Thing – M&G Online

The power of the film, music and the arts to drive research and community development

“Whenever humans come together for any reason, music is there”, Daniel Levitin

“Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent it and reinvigorate it”, Robert Sapolsky

There are four main reasons why we are incorporating the film, music and the arts into Western Limb’s work on the future of the Rustenburg region:

(1) music and the arts are interesting, thought-provoking and fun, and it helps people to connect, learn, discover and remember;

(2) music and the arts can help raise funds and gain international exposure, both for the musicians of the area, and for the problem we want to solve – to create a bright future for the Rustenburg region after mining;

(3) artists and musicians are usually highly skilled, multi-talented people.  Many have a strong desire to make a positive contribution to communities and debates, beyond the art and music that they make; and

(4) interviews are great resource for insight and an access to action.  We want to record interviews with people who know what’s cooking in this area.  We will get them to talk about what it will look like after mining, and what needs to be done to make it a better place.

What we plan to do

Western Limb TV

We want to host quality recordings of musical and other performances and interviews on our Youtube Channel.  The channel will have a connecting thread that ties the content together: what will the Rustenburg region look like after mining and what could it look like?

Music performances

This great music video from Spoek Mathambo is clever, creative, sexy and its based on a really tight song.  This is the sort of thing we think that there should be much more of out of the Rustenburg region.  We are going to help make it happen.


We want to hear from the people who know what is really cooking in this area, and make this available for others, to provide insight and an access to action.

Thabo Mfulwane

Thabo Mfulwane is an entrepreneur who worked as a driver for Anglo Platinum

Robert Williams lives on a farm on the Magaliesberg and worked for Anglo Platinum's assay laboratories

Robert Williams lives on a farm on the Magaliesberg and worked for Anglo Platinum’s assay laboratories

A Western Limb Concert – April 2014

A concert involving South African and international artists, held in Rustenburg, and broadcast internationally, in April 2014.  Why a concert?:

(1) A concert will raise funds for relevant community engagement work and research and discussion about the future for Rustenburg after mining;

(2) A concert will get people interested in this area, its people, and the question that is the reason for Western Limb’s existence: what will this area look like when the platinum is mined out?; and

(3) A concert will get artists and their fans really involved in the area and its future.  We want to have them not just come in and perform, but also explore the area, talk about their experiences, and get involved in shaping a brighter future for the Rustenburg region.

Rock & Roll