We are looking for a new leader for the Western Limb project


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First up, what is Western Limb?

Western limb is an initiative that was set up by Kevin Williams in the aftermath of the Marikana tragedy in August 2012.  Western Limb refers to the platinum mining region around Rustenburg, in the North West and Limpopo Provinces.  While the platinum resources which have led to have fuelled the area’s growth would not last forever, Kevin believed that a different future for the area was possible, that all the elements are there for the area to be a healthy, thriving community.  What we see is missing is communication among stakeholders, leading to a shared commitment and accountability to creating and implementing a plan for the future of the area.

Western Limb’s vision and mission

Led by team member Meisha Robinson, we went through a process of defining our vision and mission.

The vision we created is that:

All people in the Western Limb region live fulfilling and prosperous lives

The mission we created is to:

Empower people in the Western Limb region to create positive impact for transformative change

In essence the Western Limb project is about people living fulfilled and prosperous lives, and people being empowered and enabled to be the change that they want to see in the world.

Would you like to be a leader in this area?

We are looking for a leader to lead the Western Limb project.  There is a team of people who are experts in the field and are willing to support you.  You may be from any background, you may be young or old.  But you are probably inspired by that vision and mission, and you know that more is possible for the Western Limb region and its people.

What would this look like if you were the leader?

You would lead the Western Limb project.  I would basically hand over the keys to the entire project.  The team of experts (many of whom are keen to continue the project under new leadership.  The website.  The blog.  The youtube account.  The dropbox account with all the documents.  The design and logo work that has been done.  The twitter account.  Although some work has been done, which you can see on the site, blog and the youtube channel, you would effectively charting your own course and creating it and transforming the project to something that inspires you.

What has changed?

I created this project in August 2012.  Since then there have been many changes in my life.  My attention is increasingly on London and Europe and exciting developments here.  And so I am looking for a leader to take it over and make it their own.  Try it on, experiment, learn.   Even though several phases of this project were not the success that I had hoped for, I developed my leadership skills by taking it on.   If you feel something on reading this and you want to go deeper, get in touch, and let’s explore it and what you want to create.  Often the things that really make a difference in our lives are those that seem out of reach to us.

Get in touch

You can contact me on kevin@westernlimb.org.


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