Academic sources

This page provides a dynamic collection of publically available academic sources and knowledge documents of interest to the Western Limb Project.

Though including a broad spectrum of international sources, it remains relevant to community-industry interaction in the Western Limb region.  The aim is to provide a readily accessible source of academic reference material on good practice, for future and current collaborative research activities.


BSR, The Social License to Operate, (2003), available at

Cook, S.E., ‘Community management of mineral resources: the case of the Royal Bafokeng Nation’, 113:1 J. S. Afr. Inst. Min. Metall (2013) pp. 61-66, available at

Downing, Avoiding New Poverty: Mining-Induced Displacement and Resettlement, (2002), available at

Foti and De Silva, A Seat at the Table: Including the Poor in Decisions for Development and Environment, (2012), available at

IBA, Model Mining Development Agreement (2011), available at

ICMM, Approaches to understanding development outcomes from mining (2013), available at

ICMM, Community Development Toolkit, (2012), available at

ICMM, Community health programs in the mining and metals industry, (2013), available at

ICMM, Mining: Partnerships for Development Toolkit (2011), available at

Ivanova, G., and Rolfe, J., ‘Assessing development options in mining communities using stated preference techniques’, 36:3 Resources Policy (2011), pp. 255–264, available at

Kemp, D., and Boele, R., ‘Community relations management systems in the minerals industry: Combining conventional and stakeholder-driven approaches’, 9:4 Int. J. Sustainable Development (2006), available at

Word Bank, Mining Community Development Agreements Source Book (2012), available at


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